“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

 ― Thomas Edison, inventor



Gather information, examine opportunities and budgeting

With a steadfast commitment to patient-centered care, CHC offers expert guidance as you plan your Ambulatory Surgery Center. Our turnkey or selected services meets your needs from concept to compliance. While every client is different with different needs, the need for a solid, forward-thinking plan that takes into account all the contingencies is common to each. 

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Project feasibility analysis

Market strategies

Business planning

Certificate of Need

Letter of Determination

Facility design consulting

• Building specification review

• Short- and long-term goals 

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

 ― Edward de Bono,
Maltese physician, author, inventor and philosopher



Policies, procedures, staff selection, medical supplies

Now your goal is becoming a reality. Recognizing every organization is unique during this phase of policy and procedure development, staff selection and purchasing, the project is managed to meet those unique differences.

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• Policies, procedures, forms and applications for licensing, accreditation and Medicare certification compliance

• Planning and acquisition of equipment and furnishings

• Staff selection and job descriptions

• Group purchasing of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, establishing inventory controls

• Staff education

• Project management

“The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

 ― William Osler,
Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital


Initial Open & Operating

Center setup, protocols, ongoing risk management, operational audits

The day an Ambulatory Surgery Center opens its doors for the first time is a day of joyful celebration. You’ve worked hard for it, and there’s something incomparable about seeing your vision take shape and begin to serve patients in the community. CHC is with you every step of the way. 

We can help!

• Initiation of ongoing quality improvement and risk management programs

• Business office set-up/assessment

• Updates for manuals and protocols for licensure, accreditation and Medicare certification compliance

• Staff education programs

• HIPAA implementation

• Mock accreditation surveys

• Operational audits and financial improvement recommendations

• Budget and strategic management assistance

• Managed care contracting

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”

― Hippocrates


Ongoing Operation & Compliance

Learning Center resources, continuing education, benchmark surveys and more

CHC continues to walk with our clients for as long as they need us. We ensure that our members have access to the latest benchmarking data and best practices for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. We offer continuing education and everything you need to stay in compliance with current regulations.

We can help!

• Risk management and quality improvement programs

• Benchmarking

• Continuing education

• Ongoing staff training

• Compliance updates and news alerts

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